Featured Local Artists

Every season, Tree of Life features artwork from a local artist or non-profit organization.



A diverse array of art has blessed our walls over the past couple of years–pieces range from watercolors, photography, metal sculptures, acrylics and more. ¬†These pieces serve as a conversation starter or point of reflection for many of the patients in the office and a number of pieces have been purchased by the staff, patients and neighbors of Tree of Life. ¬† If you are interested in learning more about the artwork or the artists behind the pieces, click on the links below.

For artists who would like to be featured at Tree of Life, please email us at info@treeoflifecare.com.

2014 Artists

Raven Roost Studio

Judine French

2015 Artists

Denley Poore Reynolds

Michael Branca

Denise Matthison

2016 Artists

Konbit Sante

Robin Brooks